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Visuals & Graphics




Below is a representative sampling of the slides I have created for various professional conferences. 


"A New Deal for Rural Architecture"

Frick-IFA Symposium on the History of Art, New York, NY, April 2016

Due to the nature of the archival materials I worked with for my dissertation, very few of the original architectural drawings have survived. For many of my case studies, all I have are small floor plans that were reproduced in a 1943 issue of Architectural Forum. In early 2016, I started using the freeware vector graphics program Inkscape to re-render floor plans for use in publications and presentations. Once the new vector renders are complete, I rasterize and edit the floor plans in Photoshop before porting them into Apple's Keynote. The following two GIFs show the end result of this process. 


Tri-State Power Cooperative Animation
clay coop.gif

"Bathing with the Ancients: The Mythic Landscape of Ojo Caliente"


This paper explored the accumulation of different historical layers on a single site in response to changing cultural ideas of health and wellness. I had several different maps, all at different scales and orientations. I grabbed a high-res topographic map of the area and was able to layer on and rotate the layered architectural plans to create one single, master map in Adobe Illustrator. From there, I could hide or reveal layers to show various historical moments together or separately.