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Teaching Portfolio

Teaching Materials & Downloadable Content

Teaching Portfolio PDF

This PDF version includes all of the materials available on this site along with sample teaching materials, a section on evidence of my teaching effectiveness, and a syllabus for "The Banality of Building Tall" (also available on its own below).

The Banality of Building Tall: Skyscraper Vernaculars, 1880-Present

This syllabus was adapted from the one I created for the one-week Summer@Brown high school course I taught. I have expanded each of the units and replaced the readings with ones suited to an undergraduate reading level. My preparation for this course was supported by the Society of Architectural Historians, which awarded me the Scott Opler Endowment for New Scholars Fellowship in 2013 to fund my participation in a Study Day celebrating the "Woolworth Building @ 100."

Building America Modern: Interwar Architectural Modernisms in the US & Beyond

This syllabus is hot off the presses and is still in the relatively early stages of development. The proposed course takes my dissertation research as its point of departure, expanding the idea of American modernism in the interwar years to include a wider variety of potential geographic sources and cultural responses.